Top Ten Jobs for Artsy People

If you feel like you don’t quite walk in step with the straight-laced business world, check out these top artsy jobs.

1) Painter — You know you love it, so grab your brush. Paint murals outside buildings or inside children’s rooms. Create art for the gallery or embellish hand-blown glass.

2) Tattoo ArtistActors are memorialized by placing handprints on Hollywood Boulevard. Leave your mark on the world, one inked ankle at a time.

3) Photographer — All you need is a camera, some know-how, and an artistic eye. From there, you decide whether to focus your lens as a Wedding Photographer, or snap random pics of the countryside.

4) Designer — If you can dream it, you can design it. Clothes, cars, toys—whatever you’re passionate about can evolve from an idea to a product with your creative talents at the table.

5) Dancer — Not everyone can do it, so revel in your talent. Perform the Nutcracker Suite, score a job on Broadway, become a Dance Instructor, or own your own dance studio.

6) Illustrator — Are you caught doodling during meetings, in class, or at the dinner table? Use that passion to draw pictures for children’s books, or express your thoughts as a Cartoonist.

7) Music Conductor — Pick the scores, practice with the best Musicians in the world, and lead them through a performance that will wow the audience.

8) Art Director — Combine your artistic vision with your managerial skills, and direct the artistic features of film, theater, or advertisements.

9) Animator — Let your computer and drafting skills mingle with your creativity to create animated sequences for film or video games.

10) Writer — Writing has always been a creative outlet. Become a Novelist, publish short stories, or contribute magazine articles.

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