Top Ten Degrees That Pay the Bills

Everyone dreams of having a job that they love, and earning a fat paycheck to go with it. For many people, however, it seems that only one or the other is possible—unless, of course, you have an indescribable passion for mechanical engineering. But don’t give up hope. There are high-paying jobs out there, if you’re willing to earn your degree.

The following degrees offer some of the best-paying jobs on the market:

1) Master of Business Administration (MBA) — Work your way into the CEO ’s seat and you’ll be buying a vacation home in no time.

2) Doctor of Medicine (MD) — Choose your specialty — Family Practice Doctor, Ob-Gyn, Anesthesiologist, or Surgeon.

3) Juris Doctor — Becoming a Lawyer can be a very lucrative career move.

4) Master of Natural Resources — Earn your way into the title of Natural Science Manager for an annual paycheck that tops 100k.

5) Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems — Start out in customer service and watch your paycheck increase as you move into the Information Systems Manager ’s office.

6) Marketing degree – Take over the department. As a Marketing Manager, you can afford to foot the bill the next time your in-laws come to town.

7) Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science — With this degree and some additional training, you’ll soar through the skies as an Airplane Pilot.

8) ArchitectureArchitects can make a pretty paycheck, but with some experience, you’ll be upgrading your car as an Architectural Manager.

9) Judicial Studies — Not only can you pay the bills, but you can also bring the hammer down as a well-paid Judge.

10) Pharm. D. — You’ve earned the title. Now earn the paycheck as a Pharmacist.

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