Top seven jobs for dog lovers

If you’re one of those people who believe there’s no such thing as a bad dog (they’re just misunderstood!), an ugly mutt (the hairless, rat-looking thing has pretty eyes!), or too much dog hair (it’s like an extra blanket on the couch!), then check out these top seven jobs for dog people.

1. Dog Bather — The smell of wet dog turns most people off, but for you, it means you’re hard at work. Dog Bathers wash, shampoo, and brush Fido before he heads over to the Dog Groomer.

2. Dog Groomer — Like a human Hairdresser, you make sure your client looks good when they hop out of your chair. The difference is you use dog biscuits as treats and expect licks of love for your latest trim, perm, or buzz cut.

3. Cook, Dog-and-Cat Food — This dog job is pretty close to its human equivalent. You cook food based on your client’s preferences and nutritional requirements, with “This tastes like dog food!” being the highest of compliments.

4. Kennel Manager — This dog lover job finds you dealing with the elite of the canine world: dog athletes. You make sure they’re well taken care of and race in a safe, healthy environment.

5. Animal Control Worker — This is one of the first dog careers that most people think of when envisioning how they can spend their days around four-legged, furry friends. In this role, you serve as a protector of animals of all types, answering emergency calls and picking up lost or endangered creatures.

6. Animal Shelter Clerk — You help lost animals get reunited with their owners, assist in new adoptions, and, in general, care for the pets living in the shelter.

7. Pet Nutrition Specialist — The link between food and health in people is fairly well documented, and the same goes for animals. You create specific menus, meals, and treats (healthy dog biscuits) to improve the health and happiness of a person’s cherished pet.

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