Top Jobs for Marketing Majors

After hours of classes, bonding experiences with roommates, and that one regrettable spring break trip to Mexico, you’re officially done with college. Though a history major beckoned and a business major enticed, in the end, you ended up settling on a marketing degree.

Just like any graduating senior, you’re probably wondering, “What the heck do I do now?” Turn your marketing skills away from products and on to yourself in order to grab a marketing job. Here are five jobs you’re set up to snag:

1. Marketing Strategist You develop a company’s strategy for marketing its products. To do this, you research what consumers want, develop budgets, and plan the best way to get the marketing message out to the public.

2. Market Researcher You’re a little like a Detective or Private Investigator, but instead of lost people, you track down what will make someone buy one type of floor wax over another. You survey customers and study the results to let companies know the best way to approach their marketing strategy.

3. Social Media Strategist Just like a Marketing Strategist, you decide how a company will present its product to the people it values the most: its customers. However, your job is more cutting-edge in that you use social networks—like facebook, twitter, and blogs—to reach out and interest consumers.

4. Sports Marketer Sports Marketers sell advertising at sports events, or the sports themselves to new fan converts. It’s a perfect job if you eat, live, and breathe sports because you’ll be selling to your brethren.

5. Brand Manager If this were an Olympic sport, it would be known as competitive selling. With this job, you’re given a product (be it a company name or a physical object) and you find a way to get it to the top of its market by controlling everything from ads to packaging.

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