Top 7 Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

The field of criminal justice offers a rewarding array of opportunities. You could work with children or adults, in the public or private sector, for the government, or in education.

Whether you’re thinking of hitting a campus or working your way through an online criminal justice degree, consider these jobs for criminal justice majors.

1. FBI Agent Work in drug enforcement, hunt down terrorists, or create policies that protect citizens.

2. Corrections Officer Influence the life direction of young adults, and help older inmates make amends. But remember, you’re working with criminals here, so keep one hand on the billy club and the other on your radio, just in case there’s trouble.

3. Police Detective Take on the role of Detective and earn the respect of the unit. Go undercover, work for the FBI, solve murders or missing person cases, or break up drug cartels.

4. Patrol Officer This job has a beat, and not the kind that makes you tap your foot to the music at Starbucks. Your beat is an area of the city that you get to know well—really well. Work as a Traffic Officer, curb prostitution, or end drug-dealing in your neck of the woods.

5. Loss Prevention Agent As a Loss Prevention Agent, you minimize a business’s loss by analyzing employee procedures, security systems, and computer programs.

6. Investigator Work at the scene of a fire, dig up clues in a murder case, or land a job in forensics. This job combines your natural talent for finding details with your criminal justice education.

7. Probation Officer Probation is a second chance. That chance can go either way. So you put the hammer down when a client breaks the rules, and offer guidance when you can, such as when you work as a Juvenile Probation Officer.

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