Top 5 Romantic Jobs: Careers for Those Who Love Love

Between Valentine’s Day’s popularity and the huge amount of money romantic comedies bring in, it’s fair to say that the quote “Everyone loves a lover” still holds true. For you, though, this quote is more than just a saying, and love is more than just something one celebrates with candy hearts. Nope, you’re a true romantic! And as such, you need a romantic career.

For those who see love everywhere they look, here are five top jobs for romantics that will let you spend your days spreading the love.

1. Fiction Writer — Or should we say, Romance Writer. You can write novels, short stories, or articles. Just make sure you include lots of heaving bosoms, longing looks, and breathtaking encounters.

2. Matchmaker — What better way to show your love of love than to work all day finding it? Matchmakers connect searching singles with their future mates by collecting data on what they’re looking for, and then setting up first encounters.

3. Marriage Counselor — Love might be great but it sure isn’t easy! You work with couples, together and individually, to talk through problems and help get relationships back on track.

4. Sex Therapist — Though sex doesn’t always go hand in hand with love, chances are, when things aren’t going right in the sack, things aren’t going great outside of it either. Like a Marriage Counselor or any other type of Therapist, you work with couples to get things right. You discuss the sexual hang-ups, desires, and incompatibilities they’re experiencing to see how they can regain the spark.

5. Lyricist — Physical attraction might get a couple talking, but it’s the words said that really make them fall. You write song lyrics, creating the words that let those who get tongue-tied around the opposite sex express their true feelings.

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