Top 5 Jobs for Psychology Majors

Venturing into the unknown in search of answers, psychology graduates are the pioneers of the mind. Curious, patient, skilled in science and math, and able to relate well to others — if this sounds like the “About Me” section of your facebook page, a psychology degree is an excellent fit for you.

Of course, you’re thinking, “What can I do with a psychology degree?” After all, many Psychologists earn a master’s, so all that education better land you a stellar career! The good news is the jobs for psychology majors are as varied as the students themselves.

1. Forensic Psychologist* — Fascinated by law? As a Forensic Psychologist, you’ll have a deep understanding of legal rules and regulations, allowing you to testify competently in court. You’ll spend most of your time examining witnesses and accused individuals to determine what their psychological state of mind is like, and whether they’re lying or not. The truth is a complex beast, and you need an open mind to decide whether a bizarre story is all smoke and mirrors, or so crazy that it just might be true.

2. Life Coach* — As a Life Coach, you help others map out their life paths, whether they want to focus on their career, family, health, or a combination of all three. Showing your clients how to relax and take baby steps toward their goals will help them feel successful and empowered.

3. Animal Behaviorist* — If you’re the “nosey” type who loves prying into the who, what, how, and why of living things and their behaviors, a career as an Animal Behaviorist will suit all your needs. Instead of studying how people adapt and interact with one another though, you’ll study how animals live and thrive together. Soon, you’ll know all the latest gossip on who’s the most popular monkey and which squirrel thinks her fur makes her look fat.

4. Experimental Psychologist* — The branches of psychology are known for their blunt names, and experimental psychology is no different. As an Experimental Psychologist, you’ll conduct — you guessed it — experiments! Through cutting-edge experimentation and research on a specialty topic of your choice, you’ll work to improve health and overall happiness. From neuroscience to the human personality, the mental worlds are yours to chart.

5. Genetic Counselor* — Couples at risk of passing on a disease or disorder want to know their options before becoming pregnant. As a Genetic Counselor, you won’t spend your time talking with microscopic genes; you’ll spend it talking to families about the possibility of passing those genes on. Tracing diseases through family lines helps you identify patterns, such as finding a disease that skips generations, and calculate the risk of a new baby developing the disorder.

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