Top 5 Horse Jobs

Horse lovers have many options when it comes to turning their passion for horses into a viable career path. An animal as complex as a horse has many needs, each of which requires a different professional to fill. Whether you want to work one-on-one with these beauties or view them from the sidelines, earning the proper education will let you move up to an equine job that doesn’t involve mucking stalls. Check out your opportunities in equine employment, and find out what type of horse education you’ll need to land these horse jobs.

1. Horse Trainer The thrill of galloping along with the wind in your hair and jumping hurdles with ease draws many to competitive horse racing. Get in on the action as a Horse Trainer and teach racehorses the moves they need to outperform the competition. You know this animal like the back of your hand, and each day, you put him through his paces while correcting bad habits as they spring up.

2. Equine Nutrition Specialist A healthy horse is a happy horse. Horses can’t tell you if they have enough protein in their diets, but an Equine Nutrition Specialist can! Your animal care and nutrition classes will teach you all the details that go into planning a diet that promotes a long and energetic life.

3. Pet Photographer No doubt you love horses because of their sleek, majestic look. Capture that feeling in a photograph and show the world what you see when you look at one of these beautiful creatures. Since your camera is your weapon of choice, courses in photography are the road to success. You’ll learn about the finicky nature of animals and how best to capture the ideal shot of even the jumpiest horse.

4. Horse Show Judge An eye for perfection can lead a horse lover to a job as a Horse Show Judge. You travel the country observing the best horses and awarding prizes to the most talented. Join a college horse show judging team to learn the ropes, hone your skills, and train your eye to recognize top-notch performances.

5. Farrier Ever purchased a pair of uncomfortable shoes that led to blisters and sores? Horses never take their horseshoes off, so finding a comfortable fit is crucial. As a Farrier, you work as a Blacksmith who shapes horseshoes and fits them to the horse. Thanks to your fine craftsmanship, horses can run free without fear of foot pain or injury.

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