Top 5 Animal Health Jobs

Working in the field of animal health care is the perfect marriage of spending time with your favorite animals and earning a living practicing medicine on sick and injured creatures. You have a way with animals, and your ability to think scientifically and be an empathetic Caregiver to all creatures great and small makes an animal health job or career an ideal fit for you.

1. Veterinarian – Veterinarians have perhaps the most well-known job in the animal health care world. With this career, you can have daily contact with your favorite critters, specializing in anything from a particular kind of animal to a particular kind of medical treatment, all while bringing them back to health and comforting worried owners.

2. Veterinary Technician – You serve as the primary medical support for the Veterinarian. You begin the patient examinations, and assist the Vet throughout the diagnosis and treatment process. You do all of the technical and administrative work that the Vet doesn’t have time for, which improves the speed of care and creates an efficient workplace.

3. Animal Acupuncturist – As with human medicine, many specialties exist within the animal health care world, one of which is acupuncture. As an Animal Acupuncturist, you treat people’s pets through acupuncture usually administered over a course of sessions, in addition to other natural and holistic healing approaches.

4. Veterinary Surgeon – You’re part of the elite in the animal health care world, performing sometimes complex surgeries on a variety of creatures. You may also go beyond the clinic walls to make house calls, traveling to zoos, farms, and ranches in order to deliver your specialized care.

5. Zookeeper – This one is a bit outside the box—outside an office setting entirely, actually. Zookeepers are known, of course, for tending to the animals in a zoo, feeding them, cleaning them, and generally caring for them. But many Zookeepers are also registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT), and utilize those skills on a daily basis with their menagerie.

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