Technical Writing Certificate

Technical writing is part of our everyday lives, from the manual that came with our coffee pots to our companies’ policies and procedures pamphlets. Technical writing requires you to scour, well, technical information, and turn it into something the rest of us can comprehend. If you think you can improve the directions on the play structure you bought the kids, then sign up for a technical writing course to prove your skills.

What can a technical writing certificate do for me?

Completing your technical writing training has three primary advantages:

1) It opens the door if you’re trying to break into the field.
2) It complements your degree in another field.
3) It allows you to broaden your skills so that you can seek promotions with your current job.


Many community colleges offer programs. Curriculums at universities typically target students at the graduate level. You can also work at your own pace by earning an online technical writing certificate.

However you go about completing the program, you can expect it to last less than one year. Classes will train you in specific computer languages, such as HTML, and hone your writing skills. Typical coursework includes business writing, web editing, and software programs, such as FrameMaker.

Next Step

Technical writing is a field with growth potential. Not only can your skills be used in many corporate-type positions, but you can also make a living as a full-time freelance Technical Writer. Additionally, you can use your certificate as a foundation to continue your studies towards an associate’s, bachelor’s, or even a master’s degree.

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