Sports Degree: What to expect?

The cheering crowds in the stands, the crack of a bat against a baseball, the Vendors selling lemonade to thirsty fans — this energetic atmosphere found at any sports event is made possible by the dedicated management behind the scenes. Whether you want to organize the sporting event of the year, increase profits on team merchandise, or train the average citizen in the art of sports and recreation, a sports degree can make it happen.


Associate’s Degree

Test the waters of sports careers with a two-year degree in sports management. Pressed for time? Try an online sports degree. It serves as a jumping-off point to entry-level job opportunities, prepares you for higher-level education, and helps you find your focus to decide what job path suits you best.

Coursework covers the basics of health and business in relation to sports, with classes on preventing injuries, health science, and sports management. Career options include becoming a Salesperson for team-related merchandise, as well as serving as a Sports Broadcaster or assistant at a health club or other recreational center.

Bachelor’s Degree

From a two-year degree, you can move up to a bachelor’s. Or you can skip the two-year degree and jump right in to a four-year education if you know what career course you want to chart.

A bachelor’s in sports management covers a wide scope of education and career options ranging from the health and science area to business management and coaching. Classes delve deeper into sports-related health sciences, along with sports marketing and other business-oriented subjects. Once you’ve earned your four-year degree, you can step into a professional position as an Event Manager, Athletic Director, or Merchandiser for your favorite team.

Next Step

Master’s Degree

Master’s degrees in the sports field are also plentiful and offer the most advanced career options to graduates who hold these high levels of education. Pursue a master’s in sports science to focus on the health side of sports and recreation, or choose to master in sports management if business and marketing are where you hit your home runs. Ever dreamed of owning your own health club or recreation facility? A master’s degree can point you in the right direction.

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