Sociology Degree: 5 Career Options

Sociology is the study of society. It uses different techniques to answer questions about why society functions the way it does. For example, Sociologists might spend their days answering questions like “Why do men and women relate to each other the way they do?” or “Why does social class affect how likely a person is to commit a crime?”

If you have a degree in sociology, society is your research lab, and each new trend provides you with endless theories to test and ideas to question.

1. Sociologist — This is probably the most obvious sociology career option. You spend your days researching and testing the theories you learned in class. Acting like a Jane Goodall for humans, you observe, question, and experiment with society. You can work anywhere in the world, watching different societies in action to better understand why groups of people act the way they do.

2. Industrial Sociologist — Work is a huge part of people’s lives, not only in terms of time commitment but also in terms of relationships and feelings of self-worth. Like any Sociologist, you study how people interact in groups, but in this job, you focus on workplaces, coworker relationships, and managerial hierarchies.

3. Sociology Professor — Work in a university setting to teach undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. candidates the ways of the sociology world. Though this is a coveted job for sociology majors, know that it takes years of schooling and research to reach the point where the student becomes the master.

4. Social Worker — Change the world for the better by helping out those who desperately need a hand. Improve the lives of specific populations like underprivileged children, homeless adults, or drug-addicted teenagers by finding them resources and giving them the support they need to make positive changes.

5. Sales Representative — Apply your knowledge of people and society to the business world. With your insight into the workings of groups and your understanding of why people do what they do, you’re in the perfect place to help connect consumers with products.

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