Real Estate Certificate

The real estate market is one that is alive with possibilities. Whether you’re looking to invest in property, change careers, or improve your knowledge of the real estate industry, a certificate in real estate can get you headed in the right direction.

What can a real estate certificate do for me?

A lot! Earning your certificate can prepare you to test for a real estate license. It can also help you better understand the market so that you can make educated investments. In addition, it can lay the groundwork for further studies in the field.

There are also certificates for people who already work in another field that intermingles with real estate. For example, a City Planner will want to understand the real estate market for his or her day job.


Check with your local community college for certificate programs. Some universities offer the certificate at the graduate level for students who want to diversify their studies. If the traditional classroom schedule doesn’t work for you, look into online real estate certificate options. These programs allow you to study as your busy schedule permits.

Coursework can take anywhere from one semester to one year, depending on the program. During your studies, you’ll learn about zoning laws, and gain an understanding of the sales process, from property listings through escrow. Most importantly, your coursework will prepare you to take your state’s licensing exam.

Next Step

Every state requires you to hold a license if you want to work as a Real Estate Agent. So, if that’s your goal, check with your state for specific requirements. Other options that allow you to use your certificate are to pursue an undergraduate degree or find work as a Real Estate Broker.

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