Puzzle jobs: 5 careers for you Ravensburger lovers

Need to satisfy your inner Sherlock Holmes? Solving puzzles isn’t just a hobby; the critical thinking skills it takes to work a puzzle or solve a crossword carry into the work world as well. With the right degree, you can make a living creating puzzles and solving complex problems.

1. Video Game Tester — Turn work into a game—literally. Testers solve in-game puzzles and tackle boss fights to search for game glitches. You’ll need an education in the gaming industry and experience in the gaming line of work since this position is highly competitive.

2. Archaeologist — Your problem-solving skills are crucial to working as an Archaeologist. You sift through fragments from the past to answer: Who left them? Why? What were they used for? If you’re the type of person who always flips the puzzle box upside down so you won’t know what the finished picture will look like, then the mystery of an archaeological dig might be your calling.

3. Board Game Designer — Children and adults alike love the challenge of a good board game, and nothing beats a puzzle game to entertain guests at a party. Perhaps your favorite is Trivial Pursuit, or Jenga might be more your style. Regardless of your interests, put your creativity to work with games that will have players laughing and learning all at once.

4. Mystery WriterWriters create mind-bending puzzles using nothing but their words. In your novel, there are no pieces to put together, only carefully placed clues that your readers must discover if they want to solve the murder before it’s too late.

5. Crossword Puzzle Maker — English and math majors can become their own bosses by working as Freelance Puzzle Creators. Crosswords puzzles and word searches are still prominent in newspapers, and Sudoku puzzles have found their way into puzzle books around the country.

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