Public Relations Certificate

Though you may never realize it, you hear from a public relations person pretty much every day. Information about a product recall, a statement from the President, or news from a university—everything that’s created to be the official statement of an organization or company comes from a public relations department. If you hope to be the one who organizes and shapes how the public views a company or person, consider getting into public relations.


There are a variety of schools that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in public relations. You can also get a certification in public relations, but this doesn’t carry as much weight as a longer two- or four-year degree. There are also online options for public relations degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s, as well as online public relations certificates, but again, these carry less weight than a longer degree.

While in school, expect to spend your time taking classes that teach you how to write and communicate with the media in different situations. These include subjects like crisis communication, media relations and publicity techniques, and press release basics.

Some who wish to enter the public relations field skip getting a public relations degree and instead study journalism, communications, or business. Though these degrees work just as well when searching for entry-level positions, getting a public relations degree lets you learn specific information for the field.

Next Step

Once done with school, the next step is to get a job in the field of public relations. Many start out as Public Relations Assistants, doing research work or responding to basic enquiries. Working under the watch of another professional gives you on-the-job training and help, while you learn from their experience.

While in school, make as many networking connections as possible, as this will help when it comes time to find open positions. Also, any previous experience, like a summer position or an internship, will increase your chances of getting hired out in the working world.

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