Physical Therapy Certificate

A job in physical therapy is a great way to use your empathy and listening skills. It’s rewarding to help people recover from injury, or deal with the aches and pains of aging. If you’re interested in helping patients improve their motor skills, then earning a certificate in physical therapy is a great place to start. It’s also an option for existing Physical Therapists who wish to add the accreditation to their resume in hopes of landing a more advanced position, a job change, or increased pay.


There are a variety of programs where you can learn the curriculum required for your physical therapy certificate. The most flexible college path is to earn your online certification in physical therapy, studying only when you can squeeze it in between Little League and your day job.

Your classes will introduce you to several topics and lay the groundwork for a degree in physical therapy. Typical courses are:

• Massage
• Anatomy
• Billing/Coding
• Medical Terminology
• Medical Office Procedures
• Physical Therapy

Next Step

Once you complete your certificate requirements, you’ll be qualified to work as a Physical Therapist Aide. This position allows you to learn the craft of physical therapy by assisting patients and Physical Therapists during the process.

If you like what you’re doing and want to continue your education, your credits towards your certificate typically transfer so that you can then complete a degree. For example, with your associate’s degree, you can move up to the position of Physical Therapy Assistant. Aim even higher and earn a master’s degree, complete a residency, pass your certification exam, and obtain the title of Certified Physical Therapist.

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