Physical Education Degree: What to expect?

Are you the active type who loves to play sports, participate in team games, and compete? If so, you’re probably considering ways that you could use a physical education degree. After all, it’s always more fun to make money when you enjoy what you’re doing.

Fortunately, if you like learning about the human body and want to help other people improve their fitness, then you’ve found the perfect field of study.


Your physical education training starts in a college classroom. Degrees in physical education are easy to find at local colleges and universities. Master’s degrees are also offered online. Job opportunities begin with an associate’s degree, although most employers prefer a bachelor’s or even a master’s.

Classwork revolves around the human body and teaching, so you’ll cover subjects such as human development, nutrition, motor skills, research techniques, and creating a lesson plan. You’ll even be introduced to the hidden side of working in physical education, such as grant writing to request money for your programs.

Next Step

While you’re in school, you’ll want to direct your studies towards your long-term goal. Do you hope to become a Physical Education Teacher? Perhaps you’d rather write policies for a school district, work in physical therapy, or become a Coach. While you’re learning about ice packs and asthma in first aid class, think about whether you’d rather use that skill as a Personal Trainer or steal the spotlight as an Umpire.


Certain jobs will require certification. For example, you must be licensed to work as a Coach or a Teacher. Check with your state to find out what physical and written exams are required.

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