Philosophy Degree: What to expect?

picture of Philosophy Degree: What to expect?

If you have a love of wisdom, then you are, by definition, a Philosopher. Why not work with your natural interests and pursue a career in philosophy by earning a philosophy degree?

You might be asking, “What can I do with a philosophy degree?” If so, the answer is simple: anything! That’s because a philosophy degree is one of the oldest and most versatile degrees a person can hold.

Throw a dart at the yellow pages (do you still have a print copy somewhere?) and you’re bound to hit a college that offers a degree in philosophy. If you have a crazy, hectic schedule, you might want to look into an online philosophy degree that will allow you to work at a more flexible pace.

Whether you sit at a desk at a brick-and-mortar campus or work from your couch dressed in pajamas, the coursework will cover mind-stretching topics like critical thinking, in-depth reasoning, and debating skills.

Degrees run the gauntlet from a two-year associate’s through a doctoral degree, and many students double-major in philosophy and another subject close to their hearts.

Next Step
Once you’ve tackled the classroom, it’s time to move your skills into a day job. So, what are some jobs for philosophy majors? Well, just about anything really. Employers respect philosophy students who can reason, think outside the box, and effectively communicate with coworkers.

Graduates of philosophy programs commonly work in journalism, education, healthcare, public relations, business, and law. Those holding a Ph.D. in philosophy commonly teach, perform research, and publish their work in books and journals.

Teaching jobs require state certification. Each state has different requirements (so do your research), and licenses must be renewed every few years.

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