Nutrition Certification

Healthy living begins with what we put into our bodies. The fuel that is our food also helps fight disease, erase obesity, solve the diabetes epidemic, and make us feel more energetic. To jump onto the fast track towards a nutrition career, consider earning a certificate in nutrition.


Programs vary in terms of the kinds of classes required to earn your certification. However, you can expect to take a variety of science classes, such as biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. In addition, you’ll learn how diet affects different diseases through chemical reactions within the body.

Classes at this level will also discuss proper research methods, and teach you about the balance of energy throughout the body. This information will help you counsel people on how to achieve weight-loss goals.

Online nutrition programs are common, so check them out if they fit your schedule better. It’s a great way to juggle a day job and a family while making a change for the future of your career.

Next Step

There are two main reasons people earn a nutrition certificate. The first is to gain an entry-level job within the field. These types of jobs are typically at the assistant level, and are found in hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. You could also use your knowledge to become a Nutrition Columnist, sell supplements, work at a weight loss center, or teach seminars about a topic within nutrition.

The second reason is to boost your resume. For Personal Trainers or Coaches, it’s an investment that just might lead to increased clientele, more job opportunities, or a higher paycheck.

Speaking of opportunities, credits in most certificate classes will transfer if you choose to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree in nutrition.

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