Non-profit Management Certificate

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Non-profit agencies fulfill a wide variety of needs for society. They help find houses for low-income families, offer aid to disease-stricken countries, inform the public about health and safety issues, and create educational opportunities for children. If you have aspirations of committing yourself to one of these worthy agencies, earning your certificate can put you one step closer to your goal.

Do I need a non-profit management certificate?

There are many roads into a career in the non-profit sector. You don’t need a certificate to get there, but it’s a great launching point whether you’re a newcomer trying to break into the industry or an existing professional who wants to gain more knowledge or advance into a management position.


You have options when earning your non-profit management certificate. Since these programs are typically aimed towards working adults, there are often evening, online, and weekend options. Track down a program that fits into your schedule and financial capabilities.

Whatever non-profit management certificate program you choose—whether you’re in a traditional classroom, taking a full load, or dabbling in one class at a time—you’ll cover the basic topics of how to work in and run a non-profit organization. You’ll learn how to effectively organize fundraising campaigns and manage the finances of the organization. You’ll also be introduced to governmental programs, guidelines, and laws that affect the non-profit structure. Additional coursework includes setting organizational goals, managing resources, and designing new programs.

Next Step

Earning your non-profit management certificate proves that you know what you’re doing and you’re committed to working in the field. So add it to your resume and look for work, apply for a promotion, or change jobs. There’s no time like the present.

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