Merchandising Careers: 7 jobs you'll love

Just about any store that holds a product needs a Merchandiser. But there are a few variations on this job. Check them out below.

1. Merchandiser — This job involves a variety of talents. You research supply and demand, forecast trends, figure out which stores would best sell your product and how they should display it, and then you pitch your ideas to them, basically acting as the Marketer for your company as well.

2. Visual Merchandiser As a Visual Merchandiser, you create alluring displays of clothing, accessories, books, homewares, and more in order to bring customers into a store. Once inside, shoppers are drawn in even further once they catch sight of your enticing displays.

3. Merchandise Deliverer As a Merchandise Deliverer, you work for a specific company, delivering their products to the retailers that sell them. You come in, drop off the goods, stock shelves, and make sure that the products look their very best before you leave the premises.

4. Online Merchandiser Yes, even the online world needs a little style and persuasion to get shoppers to stay interested. As the Online Merchandiser for a company, you use your artistic talents as well as your techie skills to create visual displays on web pages that make for appealing product presentation.

5. Fashion Merchandiser You may take on a variety of roles in this field, including that of Fashion Buyer, seller, manufacturer, and Fashion Promoter. Depending on the size of the company you work for, you may hold all or just one of those positions.

6. Importer If you love traveling and trend-spotting, this could be the job for you. Import Merchandisers work for fashion and homeware companies, traveling abroad and finding the latest trends in other countries, then bringing those ideas back.

7. Merchandise Manager As the Merchandise Manager at any store, you track the buying and selling of items, as well as their displays, giving your store the best chances of making a profit. If you want to work on the distribution side of things, tracking the sale and delivery of your product, look into becoming a Merchandise Supervisor.

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