Medical Transcriptionist Certification

In the hustle and bustle of a hospital or medical clinic, it can be easy to forget or lose the notes a Doctor makes for each patient. To avoid possible medical mistakes, Physicians often make verbal notes with the help of tape recorders. The job of a Medical Transcriptionist is to take these recordings and turn them into written reports, records, or summaries.


Things like exam reports, medical histories, and progress reports are chock-full of medical terminology. That means in order to transcribe documents like these and others, you’ll need a solid understanding of medical jargon and slang. Getting a degree will educate you on different procedures, body parts, and medical abbreviations.

Schools offer a few different options when it comes to getting a degree in this field. You can get a two-year associate’s or a one-year certificate in medical transcription. If you hope to continue working while in school, you can even get an online Medical Transcriptionist certification through certain schools.

No matter which option you take, get ready for classes in subjects like pharmacology, medical terminology, and anatomy. Also, since you’ll be writing, you’ll also spend quite a bit of time on the basics of English composition, grammar, and spelling.

Next Step

As you finish up with school, you have the choice to either enter into the work world or get a voluntary certification. When looking for jobs as a Medical Transcriptionist, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a position as long as you have a degree. Many Transcriptionists work from home, while others work either in individual Doctor’s offices or hospitals.


Certification is voluntary in this field, though it doesn’t hurt when you begin applying for jobs. You can choose from two types of certification: RMT or CMT. RMT stands for “Registered Medical Transcriptionist” and is meant for those who have less than two years of experience in the field. CMT, on the other hand, means “Certified Medical Transcriptionist,” and is meant for those who have more advanced experience. With CMT, questions are more specialized and cover multiple areas of the medical field.

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