Medical Technician Jobs: What are my career options?

What attracts students to a career as a Medical Technician? The fast educational path, good salary, variety of job opportunities, or chance to help others — or a combination of all those things — certainly plays a role. “Medical Technician” sounds like a single career, but it covers a vast scope of jobs and certifications. For those looking for a quicker route into the medical field, a Medical Technician Job is the golden ticket.

With so many options to choose from, it may seem easier to close your eyes and pick randomly from a list. Breaking the field down reveals that Medical Technicians often focus on a particular part of the body, such as the cardiovascular system (the system that keeps you breathing), or on a specific type of equipment, like X-ray machines.

Medical Technician training prepares you for similar jobs, so whether you start as a Medical Laboratory Technician or a Surgical Technician, you can switch it up later on without spending years back in school. Focus your education on a broader field, and narrow down your specialty as you gain experience. X-Ray Technicians, for example, have the skills needed to train for virtually any other Technician job, and Emergency Medical Technicians can transition to nursing or other intensive care positions with enough experience.

Earn certification through a local college or an online degree program. Once you’ve spent some time in the field, consider taking additional classes so you can seek out the higher-paying jobs or move into a more intensive field.

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