Medical Jobs: 5 In-Demand Allied Health Careers

Allied health care workers help diagnose and treat illness, and generally support the efforts of other medical personnel such as Physicians, Nurses, and Dentists. There are countless jobs in the health care industry, and it’s a well-paying field where professionals are always in demand. So, what’s the cream of the allied medical field crop?

1. Medical Assistant – As a Medical Assistant, you pitch in wherever you’re needed, which means you might be pushing around patients in a wheel chair one day, then you might be answering phones the next. In other words, you make the office run more smoothly.

2. Cardiovascular Technician – Working as a Technician in the cardiovascular department means that you assist the Cardiovascular Surgeon, Physicians, and Nurses with all of the relevant equipment. You set it up, break it down, and keep it at the ready.

3. Ultrasound Technician – As an Ultrasound Technician, you perform ultrasounds for both expectant mothers and patients who have internal issues that need further examination. You operate the equipment, perform the procedure, and give the results to the Physician for interpretation.

4. Physician Assistant – As a Physician Assistant, you work right alongside the Doctors, helping them with whatever they need. You assist patients, perform examinations, and help with diagnoses and treatments. You don’t have as much training as a Physician, but that means you aren’t solely responsible for the patients either.

5. Respiratory Therapist – As a Respiratory Therapist, you literally help patients breathe. You aid in serious cases where patients need to be put on a ventilation system due to injuries or surgeries. But your efforts go beyond the operating room and can be seen all over the hospital, like when you’re teaching a patient how to use an asthma inhaler.

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