Matter and Motion: Top Jobs for Physics Majors

picture of Matter and Motion: Top Jobs for Physics Majors

Protons and atoms might sound like things found in a Star Trek movie, but they actually form the basics of the scientific field known as physics. Physics jobs give you the option to do everything from explaining the solar system for NASA to helping move medical research forward in a hospital. If you’re considering getting into this field, prepare to take classes like quantum physics, plasma physics, and electron microscopy.

Here are the top jobs for physics majors.

1. Nuclear Physicist — More than just impressing people at cocktail parties, Nuclear Physicists figure out ways to improve and test nuclear energy. Through research, you help create the weapons, lasers, and medical technology of the future.

2. Medical Physicist — The perfect field for those who, as children, were obsessed with finding a working pair of X-ray glasses. You work in hospitals and medical clinics to ensure that radiology is done safely and correctly. Specifically, you oversee and administer MRIs, CAT scans, and X-rays.

3. Physics Teacher — Teach others the science of matter at the high school, college, or advanced level. Like any Teacher, you spend your days giving tests, grading assignments, and helping out confused students.

4. Geophysicist — Combine geology and physics to study the mysteries of the earth, from the bottom of the sea to the top of the atmosphere. Use your knowledge to specialize in a specific area of earth science, like seismology, hydrology, or gravity.

5. Astrophysicist — Spend your days looking up at the skies and delving into the physics of the stars. Answer questions like “How do stars go extinct?” or plot the quadrants of the next major black hole.

6. Computational Physicist — Combine computers with physics to become a super genius. This field mixes computer science and math with (of course) physics to solve problems in fields like environmental management, aerospace, and energy.

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