Marketing Management Degree: What to expect?

As a Marketing Manager, you use everything, from singing cats to social media, to make sure your business’s marketing efforts reach and affect customers. Using information like customer surveys and profit reports, you see to it that the latest ads are seen by the right people and lure them into buying your products. Like any Manager, you oversee and manage all aspects of the marketing strategy, keeping it on task and moving forward. This means you might spend one day telling a new hire what to do, and the next reworking the budget to fit in Piano Cat’s salary.


Oftentimes, Marketing Managers don’t actually have a degree in marketing management. Instead, this job is usually given as a promotion to a working member of the company’s marketing team, or given to someone with a business degree.

The reason for this is not many schools offer marketing management degrees. Instead, they offer business or marketing degrees, with a focus on management. Some online schools do offer online marketing management degrees, though you’ll have to search for these programs.

If you decide to get a marketing or business degree, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to schools. Community colleges as well as traditional universities offer degree options from associate’s to bachelor’s to master’s to doctoral degrees. While in school, get ready for classes like consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and statistics.

Next Step

Once done with school, it’s time to put your understanding of marketing campaign creation and management to work in a paid position. Many people in this field get started by working as an assistant to a Marketing Manager, or by holding another entry-level position in a business’s marketing department.

While still in school, you can prepare for your first entry-level position by interning with a marketing department during the summers, or by networking with your Professors.

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