Makeup Artist Certification

Whether you want to dust the sheen off a News Anchor ’s nose or create a ghoulish look for a community theater production, learning about makeup is the first step. Take your passion for fashion and turn it into a career by signing up for classes and earning a makeup artistry or application certificate.

Do I need Makeup Artist certification?

If you plan to become a Makeup Artist, you’ll most likely need some form of education. For many jobs, completing a Makeup Artist certificate program will give you enough Makeup Artist training to get your foot in the door.


Hunt down a certificate program in your area. They’re commonly offered through cosmetology schools (beauty schools), community colleges, and other trade schools.

Programs typically take only a few terms to complete, so they’re a quick way to boost your skill set. You’ll spend part of your time in a classroom and substantial time working on real victims, err, people.

Classwork will educate you about different skin types and how to achieve certain looks. The practical experience will help you learn different techniques for applying makeup and working with colors. When you’re done, you’ll know the best eyeshadow application methods for making small eyes stand out and big noses blend in.

Next Step

Often, your certificate program will give you internship opportunities. Use that time to network and find a job.

Your customer service skills will be put to the test as much as your makeup know-how—and your career may depend on it. That’s because most Makeup Artists make a name for themselves one happy client at a time. Word of mouth is your best friend in this business.

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