Lights, Camera, Click: Top 7 Photography Jobs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider yourself a visual storyteller. When you take pictures for a living, you truly get to see it all. Depending on the photography job you have, you might shoot weddings, birthday parties, wildlife, or just the everyday. For those who hope to capture it all, check out these seven photography careers.

1. Food Photographer Like any Photographer, your job is to make your subjects look good. However, in this case, those subjects are things like sugary treats and savory salads. Take the images used in cookbooks, food blogs, and packaging.

2. Underwater Photographer Start this job by literally getting your feet (and everything else) wet. Dive into the deep or stay in shallow ponds, taking images of underwater creatures, ecosystems, or Models.

3. Aerial Photographer Everything looks different from the sky. Spend your days high above the ground, documenting areas of land for everyone from map companies to magazines to news agencies.

4. Pet Photographer Forget family portraits. Fluffy and Mr. Whiskers need their close up, too. When that’s the case, clients call you, the Pet Photographer, to capture images of their favorite furry companions.

5. Combat Photographer War is never pretty, but images from the front lines can be hauntingly mesmerizing. Document faraway conflicts with shots of soldiers, civilians, and machines of war, showing people at home what’s happening in war zones around the world.

6. Travel Photographer See the world, and then bring home photos of your trip that people actually want to sit through. Unlike the average travel snap, yours are done with knowledge of lighting, framing, and subject posing. Shoot monuments or life moments from around the world for magazines, calendars, and books.

7. Wildlife Photographer Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Spend your days traipsing through woods, swimming underwater, or navigating wild terrains as you take pictures of creatures ranging from sharks to baby emus.

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