Jobs for Single Parents

Being a single parent means that you’re always the one on call when your child is sick, has to be picked up from a school function, or suffers a broken bone at gymnastics. While every parent (even those who don’t work outside the home) struggles with balancing activities and chores, single parents must find work that’s both flexible and financially sufficient. Here are some ideas that make great jobs for single moms or dads.

1) Freelance Writer The internet has opened a world of possibilities for Writers. Contribute content, write magazine or newspaper articles, or look into technical or business writing.

2) Pharmaceutical Sales Representative If you are confident and persuasive, and have a background in sales, this job could be ideal. These positions typically have a fairly small territory and the flexibility to set your own schedule.

3) Consultant This is a great career for parents who already have training, skills, or education in a particular field. Start a business at home offering computer, interior design, security, marketing, travel, or investing advice.

4) Realtor Although you work a lot of weekends, you also have a lot of flexibility. Schedule viewings when you have a Babysitter, and show houses while the kids spend the weekend with Grandma.

5) Nurse While this job can be intense and energy-draining, there can be serious advantages. Not only do these jobs generally offer good benefit packages, but there are often a variety of shifts to choose from and multiple on-call employees to cover your shift when the flu hits home.

6) Accountant With a degree in accounting, you can set up an office from home, set your own hours, and pull all-nighters during tax season—all without driving to the office.

7) Massage Therapist Although becoming a Massage Therapist can take up to two years, after that, you’re free to offer massages on your time. Block off an area of the house or rent a space to work your magic while the kids are at camp or on an afternoon play date.

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