International Studies Degree: What to expect?

picture of International Studies Degree: What to expect?

A high school diploma and a fascination with the international world are the only prerequisites if you want to enroll in an international studies program. With devotion and some late study hours, you’ll come out with a complete understanding of another culture, and a degree to prove it.


Coursework towards a bachelor’s degree in international studies focuses on cultural studies and language. The goal is to learn about diversity between cultures, then to focus on one particular culture for in-depth knowledge. You’ll learn about business, law, and the environment on a global level, and you’ll study political science, finance, and did we mention language?

In addition to campus courses, nearly every program requires you to study abroad as part of your curriculum. How exciting is that? Between your classroom lectures and your time abroad, you’ll be ready to live, work, and play in another country, and act like a local while doing it.

Next Step

Consider continuing your education to earn your master’s in international studies. If you want to work as an International Lawyer, Researcher, or Professor, you’ll need the extra classes.

Some jobs in international business will also require a master’s degree. Once you graduate (with either degree), the world is your oyster. And that world is huge, yet interconnected like a jigsaw puzzle. That means there are myriad jobs for international studies majors.

Flex your international diplomacy muscles as an Ambassador, work in international finance, live in a foreign country as a Translator, or choose a humanitarian cause and connect resources with those in need.


If you hope to become a Lawyer, teach at any level, or work in certain government positions, you can expect to take written and practical exams to earn your license.

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