International Business Degree: What to expect?

Just because you work doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world. In fact, when you work in international business, you have opportunities to travel to many different countries. If travel’s not a priority, there are plenty of business jobs that allow you to work closer to home.

Whether or not you want to travel, think of international business as a specialized business degree where you get to learn about other cultures. Here’s what you should know.


The majority of jobs today require a degree in international business to get your foot in the door. So check out some of the schools listed on this site for online or campus classes.

Speaking of classes, what will you study? That depends partly on what aspect of business you want to work in.

It’s safe to assume, though, that you’ll be introduced to economics, especially on a global level. You’ll also take writing, computer, and speaking classes. To prepare you for the world of business, you’ll learn about marketing, management techniques, sales tactics, trade policies, accounting, manufacturing, foreign language, cultural differences, and international finance.

Next Step

Your career will benefit if you dedicate yourself to an additional year of school and earn your master’s in international business or Master of Business Administration (MBA). This additional knowledge will open doors to jobs at manufacturing companies, banks, and trade firms, to name a few.

While you’re in school, decide on an area to specialize in because you’ll face a vast array of international business jobs. For example, you could become a Translator, focus on the financial sector, become a Consultant on cultural differences, handle the politics of contracting with companies in another country, or even work in international law.


Jobs in law and teaching as well as some financial positions require licensing. Check with your state for specific requirements.

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