Human Resource Management Certificate

Human resource jobs are available in every type of industry. Here’s what a certificate program can do for you.

Do I need a human resource management certificate?

In short, no. But, can it help you in a variety of professional ways? You bet!


There are two kinds of human resource professionals who can benefit from a certificate. The first is the new player on the team. If you’re just beginning your human resource management training, earning your certificate can turn your ho-hum resume into a standout one.

The second is the seasoned player. If you have experience in human resources, earning your certificate from a human resources training program is a great way to gain credibility and show your dedication to your job. Not only will you brush up on your skills, but you’ll also learn about new technologies and practices.

The coursework for the human resource management certificate covers a range of topics. You’ll learn how to recruit, interview, train, evaluate, and retain employees. In addition, you’ll learn about processing employee benefits and adhering to employment laws.

Next Step

If you’re new to the industry, tune up your resume, listing all those skills you just learned. Then start hunting down human resource departments for your first job. If you earned your certificate to impress your employer or change jobs, then it’s time to start flaunting your skills.


Certification is different from earning your certificate. Industry professionals oversee certification in order to confirm your skills. Requirements vary, but they always involve some sort of written exam. For example, if you want to earn the glowing credential of “Professional in Human Resources Certification,” you need two years of hands-on human resource experience.

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