How Much Does a Flight Nurse Make?

The thrill of saving lives combines with the excitement of soaring through the air in a helicopter to create an experience unlike any other in the nursing field. As a Flight Nurse, you complete all of the basic duties of a Registered Nurse, while flying through the skies! The fast-paced nature of this job is necessary only because lives are at stake, and it’s up to you to assist in saving them.

When the life of a patient depends on specific medical attention available at another facility, flight transport is usually required. The life-and-death nature of this position, along with the frequent air travel involved, makes it much more stressful than typical RN positions. But with the stress comes exhilaration, too.

What is the income of a Flight Nurse?

The field is rather competitive because of the nature of the job, which keeps Flight Nurse salary to about the same levels as that of RNs in other settings. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the income of a Flight Nurse is approximately $62,450 per year. However, more than half of Flight Nurses make between $51,640 and $76,570 per year.

What influences Flight Nurse salary?

Factors that are considered when determining the income of a Flight Nurse include experience, education, training, and the physical location of the employer. Experience in the nursing field is typically required to be a Flight Nurse, as are proper education and training. The location of your employer also plays a role simply because large metropolitan areas serve more people and are more likely to have extra money in the coffers, meaning they’re more apt to fly to a different hospital for a second opinion.

Is the job outlook good for Flight Nurses?

The sky’s the limit for a Flight Nurse, as the aging population continues to get larger and health care needs become greater as a result. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates growth of approximately 22 percent through 2018.

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