Hotel Management Degree: What to expect?

Imagine standing in the lobby of your favorite hotel. Whether it’s a national landmark or a small community establishment, consider what goes into running the place: landscaping, entertainment, the restaurant, laundry facilities, activities programs, repairs, pool maintenance, Maid service, and billing, among other things. If managing all that activity sounds like the perfect job for you, then start with a college degree.


Commonly labeled as hotel and restaurant management degrees, programs in hotel management offer degrees ranging from an associate’s to a master’s. A four-year bachelor’s degree is a common choice and suits the needs of most students.

Programs are not hard to find, and there are even some online hotel management degrees available for those who can’t commit to a traditional campus schedule. Online degrees are limited because a major part of the hotel management curriculum is dedicated to giving the student hands-on and internship opportunities. There’s no substitute to job shadowing a Resort Manager in the field for an accurate perspective of what the job entails.

Outside of the practical experience, your classroom time will expose you to the following types of classes:

• Management
• Sales and Marketing
• Culinary Arts
• Accounting
• Public Speaking
• Human Resources
• Computer Software and Office Equipment
• Budgeting
• And of course, Customer Service

Next Step

With your resume plumped up by your work experience and knowledge, take advantage of job placement opportunities through your campus. Also, network and let your Supervisors from your internship know that you’re interested in a job. Check online job boards for Hotel Manager positions at casinos, cruise ships, hotels, motels, and resorts.

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