Hospitality Management Degree: What to expect?

picture of Hospitality Management Degree: What to expect?

It’s so nice to go on vacation and have people pamper you. You know, fresh towels in the bathroom, a great meal, and perhaps even a live performance after dinner. If you’d like to take part in providing people with that experience, then a job in hospitality management is for you. On the job, it’s all about the customer, but to get the job, it’s all about the degree.


Although there are hotels that provide opportunities for staff to work their way into management, why not short-circuit the long road by earning a degree in hospitality management? Degrees range from an associate’s through a master’s, with a four-year bachelor’s degree being the most common.

Because the hospitality industry covers so many types of venues, you might also consider a degree in restaurant management, hotel management, or resort management. In fact, many times, degrees will be “packaged,” such as a hotel/restaurant degree.

Regardless of which program you choose, your classes will focus on business, management, and customer service, since those are the main components of the job. You’ll also learn about accounting, economics, psychology, business writing, computers, office software and machines, human resources, and many other topics.

Next Step

Your degree will prepare you for entry-level to middle-management positions at a hotel, resort, cruise ship, casino, convention center, concert or gaming venue, or restaurant. Your day-to-day tasks will include booking entertainment, preparing tax documents, managing staff, dealing with investors, maintaining a budget, and most importantly, caring for the customer.

Take advantage of the internship and job placement opportunities available through your school. A high number of graduates are placed shortly after graduation, so work on your resume and cover letter.

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