Graphic Design Certification

Have you always hoped to become a Graphic Designer? Do you have a passion for art and computers? Earning your graphic design certificate is a great way to get to know the field of graphic design and jump-start your career. Here’s what to expect.

Do I need graphic design certification?

Graphic design is part art and part technical knowledge. There are few hard and fast educational requirements in the field. In other words, you can learn it on your own or through formal training. Keep in mind, though, that in today’s dog-eat-dog job market, any credential that makes your resume shine could be the key to opening doors.


Certification courses are found at community colleges, trade schools, and even online. Once you find a program for your graphic design training, you can expect to commit about nine months to it. Coursework will cover the basics of graphic design, such as how to lay out a page and how to work with logos, pictures, colors, patterns, and special effects.

Completing the requirements of the basic program will net you a professional graphic design certification. If you stick with the program a little longer, you can earn an advanced certificate as well.

Next Step

Earning a graphic design certificate is the first step in a graphic design career. Decide where you want to go in the field of graphic design. If you’re just brushing up on your skills or completing a job requirement, then a certificate might be all you need. However, most programs allow you to transfer your credits towards an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree as your career aspirations grow.

Good luck!

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