Forensic Accounting Degrees

If you’ve done any research on forensic accounting jobs, then you probably know that it’s one of the fastest-growing areas of the accounting field. That’s great for you if you’re looking to start a new career. However, it also means that everyone else with the same idea will be competing against you.

So sharpen your pencils and stretch out your fingers. You’re going to earn a degree in forensic accounting.

Many colleges offer bachelor’s degrees. However, in today’s competitive market, it will be worth your time, effort, and money to invest in an additional 18 months of schooling to earn your master’s degree. These programs are not difficult to find. In fact, you can earn a master’s degree in forensic accounting on weekends, during evenings, or even online.

Run a quick Internet search and you’ll find a variety of online forensic accounting degrees. Decide what works for you. For example, you could earn a bachelor’s degree on campus, and then work towards your online forensic accounting master’s degree. If you live in a small town or remote area, you could also check out the distance classes offered by schools.

Your classes will focus on the legal and criminal aspects of accounting. They cover topics such as auditing, ethics, fraud, and accounting research and analysis. You’ll even learn about computer auditing.

When you’ve racked up enough credits, you’ll be eligible to take certification and licensing exams, such as those required to become a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Forensic Accountant, or a Certified Public Accountant.

A degree in forensic accounting will give you the skills and experience necessary to land a job in a nonprofit organization, large company, private organization, accounting firm, or the government.

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