Flying High: Top 5 Pilot Jobs

People employed in any of the careers in aviation know the excitement felt when the engine kicks in and the wheels leave the runway. The thrill of the experience is exactly why Pilot jobs are highly sought after and, therefore, competitive. Exciting and demanding, these jobs have you soaring high above land and water to transport people, animals, or supplies.

Flying airplanes and helicopters requires extensive training and education, but you’ll find that it’s well worth the effort as soon as you get clearance from the tower to take off. Commercial Pilot jobs are the most commonly recognized, but there are many other Pilot job opportunities. If you have a desire for excitement, are driven to succeed, and love the thrill of a challenge, consider these careers in aviation.

1. Commercial Pilot* — When it comes to careers in aviation, this is the most popular and widely known. In these Pilot jobs, you take the lives of several hundred people in your hands every time you sit down in the cockpit. Flying around the world, visiting exotic locations, and enjoying free travel and liberal time off are only a few of the perks.

2. Test Pilot* — Similar to the crash test dummies used by the automotive industry, Test Pilots enjoy the thrill of testing new equipment and experimental aircraft. The danger is part of the thrill — if you find a problem with the airplane, it could mean your life.

3. Crop Dusters* — Even though the farming industry has evolved dramatically through the years, believe it or not, Farmers still employ Crop Dusters. You fly a smaller airplane, but still get a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings, and enjoy the peace and solitude of being in the air.

4. Helicopter Search and Rescue Pilot* — One of the most rewarding Helicopter Pilot jobs, this lets you work with law enforcement, helping find fugitives, missing persons, and even controlled substances. One day, you may assist in locating a missing child, and the next, you may help bust up an illegal drug operation. It’s all in a days’ work in this Helicopter Pilot job.

5. Supply Delivery Pilot — You combine your love of flying and your compassion for the disadvantaged to deliver greatly needed food and medical supplies all over the world. When natural disasters strike and the Red Cross provides medical equipment, food, clothing and other necessities, it’s you they look to for help.

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