Executive Coaching Certificate

An executive coaching certificate gives you the skills you need to facilitate growth and production within an organization. You can use the skills in your own job, or to teach others how to improve productivity, motivate employees, set goals, evaluate and improve performance, and communicate. Sound like a plan? Here’s what to expect.

What can an executive coaching certificate do for me?

Whether you work with religious groups, cater to nonprofits, or spend your time in the corporate world, an executive coaching certificate gives you credibility, plus nets you a higher paycheck.


There are a handful of online programs where you can complete your executive coaching training. Often, though, training is offered as part of a business program in college. You can earn it as a stand-alone certificate or add the credential to your other degree work.

Executive coaching programs typically target professionals who already have some experience in counseling, managing, or other leadership positions. Programs vary, but typically take between nine months and one year to complete. Some programs also offer a practicum, which provides supervised experience lasting around four months.

Coursework covers all types of business models, competition, marketing, and the global market. In addition, you’ll learn the psychology of groups and interpersonal relationships. Other classes cover coaching techniques and communication skills.

Next Step

Your executive coaching certificate will allow you to move to the front of the training team in the work environment. In a leadership role, your certificate will help you meet personal and organizational goals. If you want to flex your coaching muscles full-time, you can become a Consultant and personally train Managers in a variety of industries.

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