Excel Certification

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Microsoft Excel is a commonly used spreadsheet program that organizes and performs calculations on huge amounts of information. It can be used for everything from putting the family budget in order to outlining costs for an entire organization. Whether you own your own business or are just looking to advance your Administrative Assistant career, an Excel certification course will boost your skills.

Do I need Excel certification?

Some jobs may ask for an Excel certificate as a prerequisite. There are employers who will pay for you to go through the training. If you’re in school or on the job hunt, it may be worth the short investment to earn the certificate as a boon to your resume. After all, it’s a competitive job market out there, so you’d better bring all your skills to the negotiation table.


Earning a certificate typically takes only a few weeks. Classes are packed with information for the beginning Excel user, but also offer advanced Excel training for those who wish to improve their skills and knowledge.

If you’re looking to learn about the program, you can expect coursework to begin with the basics, such as editing, adding data, designing, and formatting spreadsheets. But you may have already mastered these skills at home or in an office environment. In that case, Excel offers expert and master level certifications on increasingly more advanced material, such as filtering information, adding graphs, and using program shortcuts.

Next Step

Test for your certificate. There are three certificates available. The basic exam will give you a specialist certificate. From there, you can earn your expert and master certifications.

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