Esthetician Certificate

Beauty is more than skin deep. But as you know, glowing skin makes a great impression, and who doesn’t want that? As an Esthetician, you get to share your enthusiasm for makeup, fashion, and that healthy skin glow by treating customers to massages, skin treatments, makeovers, and manicures.

Sound like a great way to spend your days? Then read on to find out more.

Do I need an Esthetician certificate?

In order to work as an Esthetician, you’ll need to pass the licensing exams for your state. Requirements vary, but you’ll typically be required to complete your certificate program before applying for licensing.


Esthetician training takes between six months and one year to complete. You can find programs at local community colleges, trade schools, or beauty schools.

Typical courses will prepare you to perform pedicures and manicures. Before you’re done, you’ll know all about massage, exfoliation, and even hair removal. In addition, you’ll learn all about the skin and how it reacts to specific treatments and products. Courses will also cover topics such as sanitation, customer service, and ethics.

Next Step

You’ll need to fulfill your Esthetician certification requirements before you can go to work, so check with your state’s licensing board for specific information. If you want to work as a Medical Esthetician, you can look for a job at a dermatology or plastic surgery office. This position allows you to perform more specialized work, such as chemical peels. Some states require additional training in order to hold this title.

Outside the medical field, you can work towards a makeup career, or find a job at a salon, spa, fitness center, or retail store. The sky’s the limit. Start today and turn your passion for beauty into a paycheck!

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