Environmental Engineering Degree: What to expect?

Interactions between people and nature aren’t always the friendliest. In the past, companies have dumped waste, cut down trees, and pumped out air pollutants that have harmed wildlife and humans alike.

Yet today, as businesses and individuals realize the merits of being eco-friendly, the job market for Environmental Engineers is booming. Through research and hands-on studies, Environmental Engineers help businesses clean up their act, and put restrictions in place to keep them green. All it takes to get started is an environmental engineering degree.


To start your career fighting deforestation and poor recycling practices, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. Classes cover the engineering principles you need to know to research and complete projects, as well as many environmental subjects. These include waste management, regulations, and several classes on Earth science.

Math is important as well for both physical construction and preparing reports on why going green will save companies big bucks. Online programs are an excellent way for busy students to complete a degree, or for current college students to finish their remaining college credits on a more flexible schedule.

Next Step

Thanks to the numerous skills you learn throughout your college education, you have many flexible career options. Your jobs can be more hands-on, such as examining and cleaning up hazardous waste areas, or more research driven, such as urban planning where you’ll help local governments develop environmentally friendly city and road layouts.

Entering the field after college proves easier than some careers due to the current push toward eco-friendly standards. Ask your college for help getting an internship or assistant position during your last year of school to boost your resume and potentially land your first job. Advanced education, such as a Ph.D. in environmental engineering or a master’s in environmental engineering, is desirable for those who want to take on government jobs or specialize in hazardous waste management. Online graduate certificates in this field are also available, and may provide the training you need in less time.

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