Educational Psychology Degrees

It’s not hard to emphasize the importance of educational psychology. As a society, we use it to deal with daily stressors, create educational programs, and pass the flame of knowledge to the next generation. This field of science allows you to work in mental health, improve the programs in schools and universities, and perform research to better understand the human mind.

If that sounds like a good field for you, you’ll need a degree in educational psychology. Start with a high school diploma, followed by an undergraduate degree in psychology. Check schools in your area for course requirements. Many schools offer online and distance degrees to get you started if you aren’t able to participate in the traditional classroom setting.

Following your bachelor’s degree in psychology, seek out an educational psychology program that offers a master’s degree. The master’s in educational psychology degree takes two to three years to complete and includes classes in human development, lifespan, memory, therapy techniques, learning styles, research techniques, mediation, and many others. Most programs also require you to complete a thesis.

If your career aspirations lean towards teaching, policymaking at the university level, or research, consider pursuing an educational psychology Ph.D. This is a serious commitment since a doctorate program requires four to six years of dedicated schooling.

Regardless of the educational psychology program that you choose, you’ll want to gain some practical experience at the same time. With the right combination of education, hands-on experience, and dedication, you could build a career as a Psychologist, become an Educational Consultant, or earn a teaching degree and become a psychology Teacher.

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