Eating Jobs: 6 careers for those who love food

“Foodie” is the latest moniker that everyone from hipsters to yuppies to aging baby boomers is chasing after. To you, though, this new craze seems silly. After all, you’ve been an ardent student of food for years, discovering and relishing everything from smells to tastes to pairings. If you love to eat and have been a foodie since before it was cool, check out these six career choices.

1. Competitive Eater — What better way to show your love for food than to eat it? This job finds you scarfing down everything from hot dogs to fruitcake in competitions where the winner is crowned based on how much and how fast they can eat.

2. Food Critic — Combine your writing skills with your knowledge of food to create articles and reviews that let diners know everything from the quality of the food to the type of décor to the level of service.

3. Food Inspector — As a worker of your city’s public health department, you spend your days going from restaurant to restaurant, inspecting everything from how hot their dishwater is to how clean their floors are. You give suggestions for improvement, and ultimately shut a few establishments down if they’re not up to code.

4. Food Chemist — Like any Chemist, you spend your days tinkering with the components of a product, but in this case, the product is food. You might work to find a lower-fat potato chip or improve the taste of a prepackaged meal.

5. Cook — This is one important job in the food industry since, after all, you can’t have food without someone to make it. Cooks work everywhere from late-night diners to high-class restaurants, mixing ingredients to create tasty meals for customers.

6. Baker — Though meat is great and vegetables…necessary, man cannot live without sweets. You create sweet treats of all kinds—from muffins to cakes to cookies—for big events or the everyday pick-me-up.

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