Degree in Agriculture: What to expect?

Agriculture is a huge industry, and one that provides thousands of jobs. Whether you want to own a ranch, sell agricultural chemicals, or become an Agriculture Professor, a degree in the field is a promising first step.

A quick internet search will render hundreds of schools that offer degrees in agriculture. Research each program and pick one that’s a good fit for you. If you’re juggling full-time work and a family, perhaps an online or distance program is suitable. A campus environment might work better if you want to fully commit to the program.

Your goal is a good measurement of the amount of schooling you’ll need. For example, if you want to become an Agriculture Technician, start out with a two-year associate’s degree. Expect your classwork to introduce you to livestock and crop management techniques.

By advancing your degree, you can advance your career opportunities as well. Many business positions in the field require a bachelor’s degree in agricultural systems management, soil management, or agribusiness.

To further open doors, look for schools that offer a master’s degree in agriculture. Classwork will focus on soil management, marketing, the proper use of agricultural chemicals, and the business aspects of agriculture. Those who hold this degree can move into policy-making positions, become an Analyst, or acquire a teaching degree and work as an Agriculture Teacher.

At the doctorate level, classes focus on the economic impact of agriculture. You’ll learn about the forces of the market, international trade, forecasting the market, and resource management. A Doctorate of Agriculture degree allows you to work as an Agriculture Professor or a CEO for an agricultural firm.

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