Criminal Justice Degree: 5 Career Options

In an ideal world, people would always be nice, crime wouldn’t exist, and coffee refills would always be free. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world. Good thing the criminal justice system exists to keep people in line and combat the effects of crime (no word yet on the refill situation, though).

If you’re considering a degree in criminal justice, expect to spend your time in school studying laws and criminal motivation. And when you finish, expect to spend your days fighting for justice and helping right wrongs.

1. Probation Officer — Like a Nanny for a delinquent child, you watch over criminals who are serving out the rest of their sentence at home. You make sure they follow strict rules and don’t fall back into their old criminal habits, like doing drugs or hanging out with old accomplices.

2. Private Investigator — Like a Police Officer, you find people and information that are lost, stolen, or missing. The difference between you and the boys in blue, though, is you do your work as an independent contractor. Get hired by Lawyers, family members, or businesses to prove everything from affairs to fraud.

3. Public Defender — As stated in the Miranda Rights, everyone accused of a crime has the right to an Attorney, even if they can’t afford one. You’re the Lawyer called in when a person gets accused of a crime or needs legal help but can’t pay the high fees.

4. Wildlife Conservation Officer — Use your criminology degree to serve and protect those who can’t speak, namely animals and plants. Work out in the woods to stop illegal hunting, check fishing licenses, and foil arsonists. When not cruising the woods looking for trouble, prevent it by giving conservation talks and educating the public.

5. Coroner — Figure out what happened and who did it using the biggest piece of evidence from a crime scene: the dead body. Coroners do autopsies, test for evidence of wrongdoing, and after everything is said and collected, dispose of the body.

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