Chiropractic Degree: What to expect?

picture of Chiropractic Degree: What to expect?

Stretching, scrunching, or general cracking doesn’t sound like the best thing for a body part in pain, but as anyone who’s spent time with a Chiropractor can tell you, it helps. Chiropractors are Doctors who manipulate the body and spine in order to relieve pain and improve health. Their practice is based on the belief that when the spine is out of whack, it interrupts the nervous system and makes the patient more susceptible to illness. If you hope to spend your days bending people back into shape, check out a chiropractic medicine degree.


In order to practice, you need to be licensed and certified by the state where you plan to work. To get your license, you need to first get either a two-year associate’s or a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited school. Your degree should be heavy on the sciences as well as communication, since you’ll need a great bedside manner to go along with your knowledge of anatomy. Though both two- and four-year degrees are currently being accepted by schools, applicants with four-year degrees are generally looked upon more favorably by admissions committees.

After you complete your degree, you’ll continue on, spending four years in chiropractic school. Here, you’ll spend the first two years learning anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biochemistry. The next two years will focus on working with clients. That’s when you’ll spend your time in a clinical environment, learning how to do things like spinal manipulations and adjustments.

After you finish school, you must take (and pass) both national and state accreditation tests.
Since you’re in a medical program and must work with patients, there’s no such thing as an online chiropractic degree.

Next Step

Once you graduate and become certified, you’ll be able to work with patients. Look for jobs at an established chiropractic office. Or if you’re bold, start your own.

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