Child Development Certificate

Anyone who works in a nursery, child care center, school environment, or counseling center can benefit from a better understanding of how children develop. If you’re aiming for a career that involves working with children, here’s what you need to know about earning a certificate.

Do I need a child development certificate?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on your job and the state you live in. Some teaching positions might require that you take the classes and earn your child development certification as part of your continuing education.

If you’re just starting a career in child care or teaching, you could use the certificate as proof that you’re dedicated to the field. This credential will also bring your resume to the top of the applicant pile.

Even if the certificate is not required, it will help you land promotions, earn a higher salary, and beat out the competition while you build your child development career.


Earning the certificate can last from a few months to a year. There are several different grades of certificates depending on what point you’re at in your career. For example, you could pass certification tests as an Assistant Teacher, an Associate Teacher, a Master Teacher, or other teaching and child care levels.

The coursework covers classes in development ranging from infants through the toddler years, and into middle school. Expanded courses discuss early school year development to about 3rd grade. You’ll learn about learning styles, memory, milestones, and growth.

Next Step

When you’ve completed your certificate at school, check with the Council for Professional Recognition for specific information about the type of certification you’ll need. Apply, and then pass your certification exam.

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