Certificate in social work: Is it useful?

Knowing how to help others cope with difficult issues, ranging from domestic abuse to drug addiction, is a skill that benefits not only Social Workers, but also professionals from all areas. The psychology and communication classes you’ll take as part of your education will expand your career options, whether you’re a Lawyer or a Teacher.

Why choose to study a branch of social work? Many professionals want to expand their skill set, and tackle a new career or a different branch of work within their current profession. Social work certificates offer both on-campus and online options, and are designed with the busy worker in mind. Short, part-time classes let you keep your current job while you’re in school. With online learning, you can even attend class during your lunch breaks!

Certificates in social work vary widely based on who you want to help and how. Take the animal assisted social work certificate, for example. Earn this credential and you’ll help others cope with their problems through therapy sessions with a playful puppy or a cuddly kitten.

More interested in improving current regulations governing social issues? Seek certification in forensic social work, and start fixing problems with child custody and alcohol abuse laws.

You might seek out these positions as a fresh start for your career or as a step toward that specialized position you’ve always wanted. Medical professionals, for example, can work toward a gerontology social work certificate — which focuses on special types of care for the elderly — and transition from clinic duty to elderly care. Those already in the social service field can move up to a management position with the social work management certificate. Instead of tackling individual cases, you divvy up the workload between your employees and track their progress.

If you’re really interested in the social work field, you might even consider multiple certificates to help hone your career. Choose a certificate that deals with the issues most important to you, whether you want to counsel families or help children, and continue to earn additional certification in management to land those high-end jobs that pay the bills and let you do what you love for a living.

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