Business Management Degree: What to expect?

Business management is a degree that opens myriad doors within the business world. After all, business makes the economy go ‘round, and each sector needs Managers to make sure the work gets done. So whether you want to run a nonprofit, go into business for yourself, or work your way into the CEO ’s chair, start by earning an undergraduate degree in business management.


Business management programs are found at most colleges and universities across the nation. It’s a somewhat general degree, but that’s because the skills you learn make you versatile across the business industry. You could choose to work in construction, sales, human resources, sports, banking, healthcare, or retail.

You’ll find out what makes people tick through psychology courses, and learn all about how the economy works. You’ll also study the different types of business organizations and be introduced to accounting procedures. In case you want to become the face of a company, you’ll learn all about public speaking and how to effectively market a product or service. In addition, your classes will cover all types of business writing, computer programs, and presentation software that you’ll use in the real world.

Next Step

Your bachelor’s degree will open doors for you, so this is a great time to land your first job. But if you want to move into management positions, continue your schooling until you’ve earned your master’s in business management. This is a competitive job market, and you’ll be up against applicants with experience and Harvard degrees. Consider earning a Ph.D. in business management for the most opportunities or to be qualified to teach at the college level.


Most areas of business management don’t require licensing. However, if you want to use your knowledge to teach, you’ll need to pass certification exams through your state’s licensing board.

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